Plentiful in vitamins and organic compounds, the formula has the uncanny ability to penetrate 29 ingredients into the follicle cells. This is the most important element to stimulating hair growth.

The amount of regrowth is determined by the number of visible dormant roots, and the diligence of the person in applying the Formula. The sooner you start, the more effective it will be. The initial hair growth is soft adn thin and may not be visible at first. However, in the following months your hair becomes longer, thicker and takes on glow. The ingredients in Alma’s products have been selected for their health enhancing values.

Not only does Alma’s GLOW29 contain potent moisturizer, massaging the scalp helps to remove excessive sebum and increases the blood supply to the scalp. The result is stimulation of dormant hair follicles and excessive growth in males and females. You may apply Alma’s GLOW29 into semi-bald spots, sideburns, beards, and mustaches.


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